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More Pizza Party Testimonials
Larry Heagle's Pizza Party!"Man oh man!!! Talk about a great party! Our guests are still talking about your super pizza and their sides are hurting from laughing so hard. Vicki and I have always been proud of the parties we have had at our house but this one tops them all. It was the perfect way to start off the wedding weekend by having you do our rehearsal dinner. The bride and groom asked me all night where you got the information on them but that will be our little secret, ok? Larry, we would love to do this again very soon. Until then I'll keep checking you and you keep checking me."
Vicki and Tim Wolter

"Larry, I can't thank you enough for helping to make Paul's 60th birthday party such a fun occasion. Our friends will never be able to top it, unless of course, they invite you to THEIR next party. The pizza was PERFECT and the song you wrote for Paul hit it right on the head. We all had some great laughs - would love to get inside your head to find out where you come up with your "stuff". I put your latest CD in first thing this morning and got the giggles all over again. I'll think of you whenever I get a craving for pizza - even our friend Jimmy Jerulle from Sammy's could take a lesson from you."
Lynn Anderson
Eau Claire WI


"Thank YOU for the great entertainment and delicious pizza. Everyone had a great time and those stories have been told many times in the lounge to those who could not attend and we are still laughing at them. Have a safe trip and we look forward to seeing you again. Send more details about your May 9 CD release. Thanks again from all of us. It was our best party yet!"
Marilyn Thompson
Manz School, Eau Claire WI

"Larry, you are just something else. Instead of the deep depression I was heading towards due to my 50th birthday, you managed to bring life and laughter to this occasion ... not to mention pizza as good as any in the Midwest. Having YOU do the party made for a stress-free, fun loving, and delicious evening. You're truly the master of fun, food, and frivolity! Thanks again!"
Jo Burke
Eau Claire, WI

Cooking up pizza with Larry!"Thank you! You are a fabulous performer and an incredible host. Perla and I had a blast staying at your place. I've never had such amazing pizza!"
Andrea Hansen
Midwest Promotional Manager for Perla Batalla, Recording Artist

"This was a party to be remembered. Thank you for helping us unload and let loose. Craig and I are both so pleased with how things went. You are awesome."
Catherine Quehl-Engel
Mount Vernon, Iowa

"I was expecting average pizza and a good show, but what we got was great pizza and excellent entertainment!"
Ken Vance

"Thanks soooooo much for last night. I'm still hoarse from laughing! As everyone left, they said what a great party it was...and I agree! It was so easy for me, and so delicious, and so much fun. Your music was great, and the jokes were super!"
Susan Hildebrand

"Just wanted to let you know that your Pizza Party was a great way to kick off the Ayres Spring Conference! Not only was the pizza delicious, but your songs and joke telling were thoroughly enjoyed by the group. There were people here from India, Africa, and Iran, as well as Colorado, Florida, Michigan, and Wisconsin, and they all loved your show. Good luck and safe travels in your upcoming gigs!"
Pat and Sue Quinn

"I want to take this opportunity to thank you for the wonderful contribution which you made to Bonnie's birthday celebration. As you know, this was an important event for her and she was very pleased to have it attended by her mother, sister, and all of her children and grandchildren. Your contribution of songs, stories, and that marvelous pizza made the event absolutely perfect for her. Your ability to entertain people from eight months to eighty is truly a gift."
Webster Hart
Attorney at Law

"Thanks for not just a good time, but for a great time, great food, great fun! I was so worried about everything in the planning and preparation stages, but you have it so well coordinated, I was able to relax and enjoy it! You're a hit with our family and friends and we'll go down in the journals as being the clever ones who thought of having YOU as the 'guest chef and jester' to run our party!"
Monique Parent

"Thanks for helping make Jim's birthday a happy one. He really enjoyed himself, as did everyone else. The pizzas were great and so was the entertainment. Your stories were well related to Jim's life and it was nice to have all the details and clean up taken care of by someone else. We may have to do this again when Dale turns 40!"
Tish Hulback

"Thank you so much for making our Junior League Pizza Party Social such a great success! Many of our members contacted me after our party and suggested making it an annual event. You started entertaining us as soon as you walked in the door, you fed us GREAT pizza which we enjoyed watching you put together with ease, and you made us laugh BIG!

Hosting a party and turning the cooking and entertainment over to someone seemed like a little bit of a risk for me, but the way you "work the crowd" and communicate with the guests from the start to the finish even while you are preparing pizzas was really enjoyable for everyone. I knew we were going to have a good night and a successful party. You're a great entertainer and you do the clean up too! Doesn't get any better than that!"
Barbara Westrate
President, Junior League of Eau Claire

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