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Larry's Photos
Ain't the Internet great? A click of the mouse and you can look at these pictures any time you like. Visit often and enjoy new, candid shots of Larry Heagle and friends in action!

The very lovely Kim Wilson. Hard to believe I am this lucky! We have been married over 30 years, and she still can manage a smile!

"You've got to have friends.." Gordy Bischoff helped change my shower door to a curtain while I was laid up with a broken leg.

Hannah, the queen of the house; the cat that you just don't cross unless you are Kim Wilson.

Check the goofy smile. And I'm SOBER!

Kim, Gordy, and Judy Willink in lovely down town Augusta.

Hannah: the Fatty-boom-ba-latty!

Larry's good buddy: The Harley-Butt.

Two of my favorite ladies: Lolly and Kim at Putnam Pharmacy.

Brother and Sister.

Son and Father: Jonathan in Minneapolis to work a gig with the band Les Sans Coulottes.

Jon and some of the band at a Minneapolis block party for Bastille Day.

Two ruddy Irish lads. the good looking guy on the right is Jay Moore of radio station 106.7.

My fishing buddy Steve "Roy" Rogers. His wife Mary affectionately calls him "The Rump".

Steve's better half, Mary Hatleberg. I first met Mary 100 years ago when she was a folk singer! Is that a Mimosa in her hand? Ah, Sunday brunch!

Doug Cox. I love this man! We did "The Odd Couple" and "Funny thing Happened on the Way to the Forum together at the Kjer summer Theatre when Wil Denson had summer theatre thriving.

My good friend Wil Denson. We've seen it all over the years. Hell of a writer and director.

Wil's lovely wife, Dr. Judy, the Greek goddess.

Santa Claus is coming to town. How'd you like to find this coming down your chimney?

One of Harley's favorite spots when I am reading the paper.

My "little" brother Anson at a family reunion. That's his daughter Jenny next, his sister-in-law, and standing is Anson's wife, Diana.

Anson driving me to Brewer's opening day, 2007 at Miller Park.

Well, okay, maybe one Leinie's before we go in to the park! Brewers walloped the Dodgers 7-1!
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