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The Media Says

"Hitting the heart and the funny bone"

WAUSAU - Thu, Jul 10, 2003 - Larry Heagle has two sides - the irreverent comedian and the heartfelt singer-songwriter. You can get to know them both Friday [July 11, 2003], when the Eau Claire-area performer takes the stage to celebrate the release of a pair of new albums. Rude, Crude, and Poor shows off Heagle's boisterous comic sensibility. The bawdy tunes include the heckler smackdown "Butthead Polka," the double-entendre-loaded "Sweet Little Lady Yvonne" and "The Wood Tick Song," a perennial favorite among Wisconsinites.

The songs on the other new release, Irish Heart, address subjects close to Heagle's own heart - his love for his wife, the suicide of a friend's son, and his struggle with depression after having a quadruple bypass. The album also includes two tributes to automobiles, "Rocket Action Oldsmobile" and "The Big Tomato," that have been aired on National Public Radio's "Car Talk."

Heagle, who lives in Fall Creek, has been performing comedy since 1976. "Before that I was a middle school teacher for 11 years, which produced 'The Vasectomy Song,'" said the 62-year-old, laughing.

After decades of making people chuckle with his comedy routines and off-color ditties, Heagle decided to introduce his central Wisconsin fans to his more sensitive side. "It surprises a lot of people who thought they knew me," he said. "Wausau knows me as a comedian, not as a songwriter."

With a band of 10 musicians, including a tuba player, Heagle will play songs from Irish Heart first on Friday, then light into the Rude, Crude, and Poor tracks.

Both albums were recorded earlier this year at Feelin' Strong Records in Fall Creek. While some musicians might have trouble jumping genres onstage and in the studio, Heagle said he has no trouble traversing the two styles. That's because both the serious and silly songs are drawn from personal experience, he said.

"I get my music genes from my Dutch mother's side of the family," he said. "My sense of humor comes from my Irish father.

"I always tell people, 'I'm Irish and Dutch, which means I'll have a beer if you're buying.'"

C.E. Hanifin
Marshfield News-Herald


"Planners of the FFA Alumni scored a coup with their choice of entertainment for the annual event at the Summit Supper Club. They arranged for an appearance by Larry Heagle ... Sticking to a theme in which he alternately poked fun at Wisconsin and leveled salvoes at Illinois, Heagle said he was glad to hear Wisconsin is finally first in something - obesity. He said, 'Pinch an inch, heck I can grab a slab!'" "... though his jokes may not carry the punch in print that he did when he delivered them, trust me: the man is funny!"

Pat Peckham
Mauston Star-Times

"How can (Heagle) be anything but successful with material like his original piece, sung in Scandinavian dialect, 'the Snowmobile Song'? He warms the hearts of Wisconsinites everywhere when he heralds those "Norwegian cowboys" out on 'trails groomed by the county'. Eating Tombstone pizzas and microwave hot dogs these heroes of the Northwoods spend their afternoon pit stops making disparaging remarks about cars with Illinois plates. And the whole audience feels like joining in when Larry belts out the verse about how snowmobilers 'drop their suits to half mast, shoot pool, and trip on their sleeves all afternoon.'"

"Larry Heagle is just everyday folk from Wisconsin, and darned if they're not funny!"

Jane Fyksen
The Country Today

"Heagle likes to mingle beforehand to get an impression of his audience. 'It's amazing how much you can learn by mingling with the crowd during cocktail hour if you keep your ears open.' he said. As an example of the way he tailors his act to specific audiences, he recalls a date before a convention of concrete workers. His first line: 'Why do I get the feeling you all know where Jimmy Hoffa is?'"

"Larry, whose easygoing, likeable nature blends seamlessly with his material, asserts firmly that the pervasive nature of political correctness is out of place on comedy stages. 'The trouble with humor is everybody is so worried about being politically correct that nothing's funny. Humor is based on laughing at the human condition.'"

"That especially includes his human condition. 'I'm in that show more than anyone else,' Heagle says."

William Foy
Eau Claire Leader-Telegram

"Jerry Lee Lewis' opening act, Larry Heagle's refreshing blend of stand up comedy and guitar playing proved a crowd pleaser. ... his hilarious The Vasectomy Song was a real "cut up" and a medley of radio hits played to death was rare, intelligent humor. Mr. Lewis could learn something from his opening act ..."

Jeff Hurst
Thunder Bay Chronicle-Journal

Attached letter read:

"Dear Mr. Heagle. Here's a copy of the Jerry Lee Lewis review and as you can see, I enjoyed your show more than the headliner ... we get a lot of comedians through here. Feel honored because you were very impressive."

"The first thing you notice is that you are already grinning. And that somehow you can't remember that awful problem you were worried about before Larry Heagle's show started...and by the end of the evening your whole face hurts from laughing and your toothache's gone. When you watch Heagle work, it's hard to imagine him doing anything else, or that what he does might somehow be difficult. there's a naturalness in his style, a deceptive ease."

Wil Denson
Wisconsin West Magazine

"Thursday, January 28, Larry Heagle gave a sparkling performance at UWMC's Student Union ... an energetic show that seemed to bring people together under one roof like a family."

Michael Tierney
UWMC Forum

"Woody Allen with a country guitar, a word wizard who tickles the ear as well as the funny bone."

St. Paul Pioneer Press

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