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You don't have to be a world-class economist to know that inflation is a painful fact of life. So Larry and his tech wizards would like to give you this chance to inflate your LUNGS with LAUGHTER...and it's less than a buck!

Just scroll down to choose your favorite musical moments by Larry Heagle, and download them for a mere 99¢ each. It's good for the economy, and not bad for the funny bone, either.

CLICK for TICKS!  Watch the video for the Wood Tick Song!
CLICK to view the Itstitts video!
Download Songs ~ Just 99¢ each!

Sometimes hilarious, sometimes heartbreaking, the songs of Larry Heagle tend to hit people right where they live. Here's a big hearty helping of some of Larry's best, which you can download as high-quality MP3 files for just 99¢ each. You can use your credit card, or pay through Pay Pal--simple, fast and secure. You will receive your download via e-mail. So let's go shopping, and let the music begin!

  • 800 Talkin' Blues
  • Bath Tub Song
  • Butthead Polka
  • Daddy Jack
  • Don't Look Away
  • Ian's Eulogy
  • Iowa Ditch Weed
  • Irish Drinking Song
  • Irish Heart
  • Janet Reno
  • Kim's Song
  • Old Man's Lament
  • Rocket Action Oldsmobile
  • Senorita Velveeta
  • Shelter in the Storm
  • Short Daddy
  • Siren Song
  • Sweet Little Lady Yvonne
  • The Big Tomato
  • The Nose Song
  • The Wolf
  • The Wood Tick Song
  • Vasectomy Song

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