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Larry's Collections

You may not know that Larry is a devoted collector. Of what? Well, sports jerseys for one thing! Larry's dad, Jack, took him to baseball games as far back as Larry can remember. Over the years, Larry has been collecting both baseball and football jerseys. These are some of the jerseys from Larry's collection.

When the Milwaukee Braves came into existence, Larry had already watched Hank Aaron play ball at Carson Park. His dad would finish the milking early, and they would get there about the 5th inning to watch the rest of the game.

One of Larry's favorite players, besides Aaron, was the second best hitter on the team, Eddie Mathews.

As a boy, before Milwaukee got a team, Larry cheered for the Brooklyn Dodgers.

One of his all-time favorites was #42, Jackie Robinson. Jackie took his first at-bat in the majors on Larry's birthday, April 15. (1947)

This is Jamie Navarro's game jersey which was actually worn by him in a major league game.

This is my Billy Kilmer Washington Redskins jersey. Although I am a die-hard Packers fan, I have great admiration for the tough ones in the league. Kilmer was a hard drinker, named Ol' Whiskey by his team mates. He was old school, the only guy in the league that wore a single bar face mask long after they were "out of style" in the league.

This is a replica of the jersey worn by 1960's Green Bay place kicker Don Chandler, who in addition to beating the Colts with a questionable field goal in the championship game, went on to kick four field goals against the Raiders in Super Bowl II.

Larry loves Brett! But then, what Packer fan doesn't? Larry identifies with Brett because like Larry, Brett has kept the "little boy" part of his personality very much alive. That is really a big part of his charm!

Brett's "away" jersey.

Brett's college jersey.

The Golden Eagles.

Brett's jersey from his rookie year with the Atlanta Falcons.

Larry loves this jersey because Dave Krieg is a Wisconsin boy made good! He was born in Iola, played at DC Everest High School, and attended Milton College in Janesville. At Seattle he holds two records: second most completed passes and second most fumbles in the league behind Warren Moon.

Larry's all time favorite Green Bay Packer. Notice the patch on your right. That is a First Super Bowl patch!

This is a Reggie White game jersey from the 1994 season. Note the Packer 75th Anniversary patch.

This is Larry's collecting pride and joy, an early edition Packers jacket to which he has added patches. The large green patch outlined in white is a listing of all the Packers championships over the years.

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